Iryna Shapoval

Iryna Shapoval is a member of international expedition «Around Asia in 180 days”. She is an active journalist, working for our company more that one year. She wrote lots of articles about best places in the world to see. Iryna is actively involved in disclosure different topics in Ukrainian media.

In October 2015 we sent Iryna editorial assignment. Next 6 month she has to visit 11 countries and write about her experience on the pages of this site. The route of the expedition will run through the following countries: Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and China.

The expedition will last from 1 October 2015 to 1 April 2016. Iryna’s travelling is not organized as a usually tour with guide. She must explore everuthing by herself. First of all we are interested in the lifestyle of ordinary people in azian countries, their way of life, traditions and culture. All this things Iryna will publish in articles on this site.


According to the rules and format of the expedition, participants are doing following things:

  • actively communicate with the local population (move by hitchhiking, live in local communities, etc.)
  • actively visiting museums, galleries and other cultural and educational institutions
  • actively visiting caves, waterfalls and other natural sightseens
  • disseminate information on what they saw and heard through the media in Ukraine

The result of these measures and the expedition at all should be:

  • coverage of various spheres of Asian countries, to familiarize them with Ukrainian readers by publishing articles in Ukrainian media, including the pages of Travelbelka Agency. The adress of representation of agency in internet is;
  • exploring educational institutions, natural attractions and spreading knowledge about it to involve ukrainian tourists to Asian countries.

We request everybody who may concern, provide full support and assistance for Iryna in traveling-expedition.

Director of the Information Agency «Travelbelka», Bortsov Alexander