Travel to Russia


Why travel to Russia is the best idea for this summer?

May be you have seen you tube videos about meteorite in the Urals

May be you want check is it real bears on the streets of Russia’s cities

May be you just want to be millionaire

There are 5 reasons go to Russia this summer:

1) It is summer!

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The average temperature in summer is 25-30 °С (77-86 °F). No snow, no ice! But don’t go behind the Arctic Circle

2) You will be millionaire

Russian ruble lost half price last year

Russian ruble lost half price last year. Now the average salary in Russia is 300 USD (monthly). But Moscow still one of the expensive cities of the world.

3) Worldwide scale events

sochi 2014

Universiade Kazan 2013, Olympic games Sochi 2014, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

4) Many things to do

You can visit thousand of museums, see Russian ballet or go the Big theatre.

You can rest at the country side, try Russian vaporarium

You can fishing any place you wants

5) It is not so extremely as you think

Russians are looks harsh but good inside. The most problems — nobody speak english, and you should write on the paper most used phrases.

Now somewhere may appear a bad attitude toward Americans on politically reason. Just tell everybody that you are from another country. Don’t trust taxi drivers.

Otherwise Russia enough safe for foreign tourists. Just don’t expect the first class service. But you can meet a lot of beautiful Russian girls.

Get air tickets here (include all local air company). And good accommodation here (include hotels and guesthouses)

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